Connected Arts Festival FAQs


Where will the event take place?

The top floor of the Victoria Plaza, Southend on Sea.


You can arrive to set up from 8.30am in readiness for a 10.00am start. Please don’t arrive earlier than this as the team will be marking out the spaces. The stalls generally continue until 4pm, it is not possible to clear up before this time.

Where will I be?

While you may request to have your stall in a particular position and we will try to accommodate you, please be aware this is not always possible because it is dependent upon the number and type of stalls we are trying to cater for. You will be shown to your area on your arrival at 8.30am

What do I need to bring for my stall?

We only provide the space for your stall. There is no electricity.  Therefore, you will need to bring everything you need for your stall and your comfort. Tables, chair etc.

Do I need Insurance and a Risk Assessment?

We will provide public liability insurance for the event. However, if you are running a workshop you will be required to provide your own. We must have received a copy of this once we have confirmed your booking. If your stall is dealing with food you must also have a food hygiene certificate which again a copy of it must be sent with your booking form. All stalls must have a Risk Assessment.


If you are delivering a workshop to young people, you will need a DBS. We will need sight of this once you have confirmed your booking.


Terms and conditions for contributors

Please remember this event is primarily for young people, and for refugees living in and visiting our city.

  • Anyone taking part in this event will need to sign a contract with the organisers to ensure that we are fulfilling all health and safety and safeguarding requirements.
  • Although we appreciate last minute illness may prevent you from attending on the day, we would request that any cancellation of your booking is notified within two weeks of the event.
  • All contributors are asked to bring along banners, business cards or flyers for visitors who may want to become part of your creative community should they wish.
  • You will need to let us know how your work is suitable for young people.
  • You can’t sell or exhibit any dangerous or flammable items; anything with blades; offensive work or products; items which may cause offence to others; anything which is unsuitable for children. We reserve the right to ask you to remove them from your stall.
  • Please can you stay in your area between these specified hours, no packing up early unless pre agreed 
  • By agreeing to the event, you understand that we take no responsibility for damages or losses to any of your items.
  • We ask that you join in with our evaluation and competitions for young people by putting flyers prominently on your stall

See below for FAQs for full day stall holders and workshop/classes/talks

Full day stall holders

  • You will need to provide your own table and chairs.
  • There is no electricity on the main concourse. If you require electricity you will need to request this in writing, and we will try to allocate you to one of our indoor spaces.
  • Musical events can only take place inside a shop area, and these are limited. Consequently, we will need to discuss this prior to agreement.
  • You are allowed to sell your work, but we would also appreciate any donations / free gifts for our various prizes.
  • We encourage live demonstrations of your art work where you are able, and are particularly excited to have activities where young people can join in and make something they can take away.
  • Our public liability insurance will cover your attendance.
  • No food can be sold on the premises without the required food safety licences
  • Banners are allowed but are required to be kept behind the table to ensure safe access along the main concourse.


Workshop / performances / classes / talks – inside shop areas

  • You will need to provide your own resources, and may have to provide your own tables and chairs (although some of the shop areas may have these available for you – we will discuss this once we have confirmed your booking)
  • We have to ask you not to charge for attendance at these events as this is a requirement of our use of the Victoria Plaza.
  • We will work you into a timed schedule.
  • Non-interactive activities should be limited to 20 minutes (ie talks)
  • Interactive activities can run up to 2 hours, and may need to be booked in advance
  • You will need to provide all the resources and equipment for your activity and unfortunately, we will not be able to support this financially
  • Please let us know if you would like a translator working with you


Marketing and social media

We would like as many people as possible to know about this event, so we are all responsible for getting the word out!   Please share all of our posts and tag us into yours @ConnectedArtsFest and 

Please send us photos of your work and links to your social media, and we will try to ensure we mention you as much as possible!