Hear from some of
Our audiences

What did you like about our play?

The students said:

‘It was different and unique’

‘I thought it was Inspired and creative’

‘I really enjoyed the way the topic was presented in the play. It wasn’t like every other E-safety talk and play. I really enjoyed the whole take on this topic.’

‘I really liked the performance and found it interesting and was realistic and informative’

‘I think this will have a huge impact on our generation as they can see what really happens when you’re involved with the wrong crowd.’

‘I really enjoyed the play. It was humorous but also showed the serious sides of gangs. The statistics from this year were shocking’

What did you feel after watching this performance?

The teachers said:

‘It was a superb performance. I felt really captivated and it was evoking of emotion and helped me not only as a teacher but a parent. Great handout also!’

‘Fast and humorous. Not too ‘edgy’ but very down to earth – got that balance right!’ 

Sharon and the wonderfully creative N-Act team explore some tough topics that empower children to help themselves stay mentally well and physically safe.  I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

What had the most impact for you?

The parents said:

‘Just how much it’s like my son and what we’ve been going through as a family.’ 

‘The sooner you start to listen, the quicker the solution. Children have their own solutions. I feel easier to ask now.’ 

‘How to start a conversation. Questions that help. Questions that make matters worse.’ 

‘How parents/carers/ young people are frightened to label self-harm and mental health.’ 

‘How to start the talk. Listen more.’ 

‘The scenarios that resonate.’ 

‘Makes you realise we are all the same’ 

‘It allows you to recognise signs in yourself as well as others. I work in health care and it is good to jog/refresh your memory of keys to good communication, active listening, recognising symptoms.’

‘Workshop afterwards about starting conversations and active listening.’ 

‘The way in a simple form, children could see that having these feelings are normal, that people can support them to deal with these emotions.’ 

‘Thank you so much. I’m really pleased that I came along.’ 

‘Feeling empowered. Thank you.’ 

‘Thank you for the invite. I hope you get the opportunity to present at our school.’ 

‘Would like my son to see this at his school.’

‘Fantastic evening. We all know someone that has struggles, some worse than others. The event has made me think about my child and how I deal with his everyday anxieties.’ Parent and health care professional

‘Brilliantly acted. The impact it has had has made me more aware.’ 


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