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A video which tells the story of the making of our short film See Me which was filmed in lockdown


If you run an event that you would like us to attend please get in touch

Frequently asked questions

What geographical areas do you cover?

We work primarily in Essex and London but welcome enquiries within similar distances to Southend, where we are based. We do consider requests for further afield, including International Schools. 

Are all performers and N-ACT personnel DBS checked?

Yes everyone is fully safeguarded with enhanced DBS.

We have a full safeguarding policy which is available on request.

Are you GDPR compliant?

We use any data provided by you securely within current GDPR guidelines

Do you require any specific equipment?

We recommend using the school hall or larger drama studio and supply all our own equipment. We just require a few chairs and a plug socket! 

What insurances do you hold?

We carry full public liability insurance and are happy to provide copies if required

How long do the performances last?

One hour