Connected Arts Festival
Connected Arts Festival

Connecting Arts, Connecting People

This event is to welcome and introduce the refugee communities in Southend to the creative community of the city. We particularly wish to welcome young people who have just arrived in the UK and introduce them to the various creative activities they could become involved in.

The event, planned for November, will take place on the top floor of the Victoria Plaza and will include exhibitions from local artists and creatives; live creative activities – both to watch and take part in; the opportunity to talk to writers, artists, musicians about their work; workshops for young people to join in with; story-telling; creative technology; movement and much more!

The hope is that we can introduce visitors to the various creative agencies within Southend where they can find out about classes, performances, events, and workshops that they could come along to in the future. Some of the funding I have applied for is intended to support one or two of the contributors to offer free / subsidised access to future classes, where this otherwise might be financially prohibitive.

As you will agree, involvement and participation in creative activity is something which joins people together and creates in itself a safe, emotional place. This event will provide access to, and awareness of, the many and diverse creative groups in Southend. There will also be support for visitors from Welcome to The UK with advice about how they could use their creative talents for finding work.

If you would like to contribute on the day, please read all FAQs and then complete the application form here.

Please be aware that on this occasion we are not able to pay anyone for taking part. Nor will we charge anyone for exhibiting with us.

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